Grabando nuevas canciones 2018
At age 18 he works as a deejay in the nightclubs of the Costa del Sol, but always in "underground" parties, where he meets the composer and singer Carlos Berlanga ... He became popular working in the biggest club in Malaga. "Palladium", putting music "Chill out" in the club's VIP lounge, and then DJing in Paris ...He edited 3 discs, appearing on radio stations of international influence, press, and nationally on the "Mega Radio" thanks to renowned broadcaster Peter Baker.
In 2011 wins the first prize in the "Crea tu disco" contest with the album "Logomaquia ficticia en la estación Mir'.
In 2014 a new choir and piano component called Florin de la Biblia was added. In 2015, the first single from "Dios" called "Me haces volar" was released, reaching a total of 300,000 listeners around the world.
In 2017 he edits "Dios" and Google rewards him for his artistic talent, and the digital music platform "Number One Music" qualifies him in the number one ranking in Malaga and the number 4 in Spain. The journalist company "Globatium" hires him in June 2017, and in December 2017 he wins the virtual contest "SuperStar 2017" with the song "Seremos un corazón" in best song in independent Spanish
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